Chronological exhibitions: 

2013    “Trapped Free” group exhibition, Al HaAgam Gallery, Ra’anana. 
2013    “Summer”, group exhibition, Jerusalem Theater.
2014    “From the Maze”, solo exhibition. Al HaAgam Gallery, Ra’anana.  
2014    “Food and Wandering”, group exhibition. Herzliya Municipal Gallery.   
2014    “Bookface”, group exhibition. Jaffa Port Gallery.
2015    “Human Landscape”, solo exhibition. Ein Hod Gallery. 
2015    “Black and White”, group exhibition. Herzliya Municipal Gallery.  
2015    Sculpting Exhibition Gan Ha’Ir Tel Aviv, group exhibition
2015    “Picture Character”, group exhibition. Herzliya Gallery. 
2015    “When Modern Art Meets History”, group exhibition, Mamilla Jerusalem.
2015   “Between a Dream and Imagination”, group exhibition, Herzliya Municipal Gallery.  
2015    “The Path Not Chosen”, group exhibition, Studio Art Tel Aviv.  
2015    “Gray Work”, group exhibition, Herzliya Municipal Gallery.
2016    “Adama” [Land/Soil], group exhibition, Efrat Gallery Tel Aviv. 
2016    “A Touch” installment for visually impaired at the Herzliya Municipal Gallery. 
2016    “Mamilla Treasure”, group exhibition, sculpting exhibition Jerusalem.  
2017    “From Abstract to Figurative”. From Figurative to Abstract”, solo exhibition, The Jaffa Gallery.   
2017    “From Darkness to Light”, group exhibition, The Zionist House of America, Tel Aviv.   
2017    “Tribute to Simon and Garfunkel”, group exhibition, Green House, Tel Aviv.
2018   International Women’s Day, Cinematheque, Tel Aviv, Israel
2018   Palast Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2018   Lausanne Art Fair, Switzerland
2018   Kunstraum in Ringstrassen Galerien, Vienna, Austria
2018   Art Basel Miami spectrum, Florida