"The muse can visit me anytime..."

“… I create, driven by intrinsic motives, and put my feelings and reservations on canvas. The pieces I create actually tell my life story” 

Miri Fanan was born in Algeria. She immigrated to Israel in 1947. 
Despite her religious origins, she chose a secular path. She studied Fashion, Art at Tel Aviv University and at the Avni Institute of Art and Design. 
She also studied independently with top artists. 
In her art, Miri explores the boundary between the figurative and the abstract. The numerous techniques she uses create a visual richness that brings with it a comprehensive life philosophy. 
Her work entails a high degree of intimacy, which expresses a wide range or human experiences, emotions, and subconscious experiences. 
Miri Fanan is a multidisciplinary artist that has showcased in solo and group exhibitions.
Her work can be found in collections in Israel and abroad.